Uwm Articulation Agreements

On this page, you will find the official articulation agreements signed by UWM with other institutions and universities. These agreements or partnerships document the transfer policies of a particular academic program or diploma. The agreements are organized according to the UWM school or the university, which includes the academic program or the university degree. Eligible students can use the dsatats we have with a number of partner institutions. These programs make the transfer to UW-Madison a viable option for many applicants. They also provide clear instructions on what courses to take and how long to study at their first university. We strongly advise you to meet with your advisor at your current university or university regarding your interest or participation in one of our transfer contracts. Although there is no formal articulation agreement for your program, many of your credits can still be transferred. A summary of how credits are transferred and an overview of the curriculum for different programs are available here on the UWM`s One Stop website. You can also use the transfer tool to determine how your credits are transferred. For more information on the transfer contract, see admissions.wisc.edu/apply/transfer/agreements.php. UW-Madison and Milwaukee Area Technical College reserve the right to amend the terms of the transfer agreement if necessary. All students are subject to the terms of the delegation contract listed at the time of the presentation of the Memorandum of Understanding.

Where do you want to get your bachelor`s degree? We have transfer contracts with more than 40 universities and universities. Select a program from the list below to see where the credits are transferred. If you know your intended main part, you can view an articulation agreement to see which courses, GPA and other requirements need to be concluded before the transfer. A articulation agreement is a signed document guaranteeing the transfer of a diploma or certification program from a Wisconsin technical college to a particular university major. All classes described in the articulation agreement must be completed. A partial transfer cannot be granted. Are you interested in continuing education at a four-year university or university? WCTC has credit transfer contracts with many four-year institutions that allow our graduates to transfer credits into a bachelor`s program, often at the junior level. 2.

Submit a letter of intent to participate before entering into 30 transferable credits on CVTC. Students meet with their CVTC advisor to determine eligibility for the transfer contract and submit the Memorandum of Understanding online to participate in the UW-Madison Office of Admissions and Recruitment. UW-Madison sends the student an acknowledgement and a copy of the letter of intent to participate with the CVTC advisor. . 7. Complete the Liberal Arts Program courses associated with the science transfer program, which meet the following list of UW-Madison program requirements. These courses are required for all UW-Madison bachelor`s programs and the conclusion of these elements of the program provides a solid foundation for academic performance preparation at UW-Madison. The terms in this list have specific meanings in UW-Madison. You will find information on how courses are transferred from CVTC to UW-Madison in the transfer information system at wisconsin.edu/transfer/. 10. All international students arriving at UW-Madison are invited to take our ESLAT (English as a second language test) test before participating in the orientation. The Office of Admissions and Recruitment only grants credit for English courses already completed in the United States if the student tests (or exits) our English course 118.

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