Circular Head Council Enterprise Agreement

Kingston`s corporate agreement has been accepted by a majority of employees and is now going. Read more For all former Jemena members at Zinfra As you know, Zinfra has reached an agreement read more Members now know, negotiations on your new company agreement are now over. Read more Hobson Bay City Council has put on the table an offer regarding your business. Read more This week, meetings of members will be held throughout the Council to keep members informed of the negotiations. . Read more Voting on the proposed corporate agreement in the city of Hobart will begin on Tuesday, October 15. Read more With the support of HACSU, ASU continued to negotiate a new company agreement. Read more After our members overwhelmingly adhered to the 2.5% one-year rollover agreement, Read More As we continue to negotiate your company agreement, job security has remained key. Read more It`s time for us to renegotiate your business contract, the.

Read more After scheduling a meeting last Thursday, management had still not prepared the draft contract Read more Cr Quilliam said the board was prevented from answering specific questions about wind farms because it was to serve as a planning body and had not yet received a request from the developer. In Victorian local government, some councils are what they can to keep workers busy. . Read More After the conclusion of negotiations at the end of last year, your new business contract now has. Read more ASU gathered the draft damage report and the team met with the municipality`s management. Read more Vote for a new company contract concluded yesterday. An overwhelming number of employees read more ASU has a great year of negotiations ahead of us, especially in the local sector. Read more Tassie ASU organizers will be busy negotiating new businesses over the next 8 months.

READ MORE MEPs would know that the current company agreement is being renegotiated. . Read more ASU recently met with John Baker and Jenny Van Riel to discuss the Council`s decision. Read more Help is available to legitimate businesses in the Circular Head area and/or those that can prove they can offer employment opportunities to laid-off workers. To be considered for support, companies must also have a turnover of more than 100,000 $US. Instead of starting to negotiate a new company agreement, Glenorchy City Council brought in. Read more Negotiations on new company agreements for RACT`s sales and administration teams continue the sequel ASU has been very active in the field of elderly care of the municipal administration and there are many good ones….

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