Aces Collective Bargaining Agreement

The transfer, in the interest of the Agency, is subject to the provisions of the collective agreements in force, as is the case for a group of workers. The Executive Director sets appropriate trial periods in accordance with national law and all collective agreements and ACES policies (60 working days for non-certified periods). Inside each building, administrators plan and assign non-pedagogical tasks, as bargaining units require for the actual operation of the building and are authorized by bargaining units. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is working to update this database in a timely manner. We invite school districts to help us by sending copies of new collective agreements or links to these agreements to The Board`s policy is to nominate the most qualified candidates for positions in public schools. The Executive Director is responsible for the appointment of all teachers within the meaning of CGS 10-151. These appointments are consistent with the procedures set out in Section 10-151 of the General Statute of Connecticut and in accordance with all applicable collective agreements. This directive does not apply to a staff member or other person who, by written agreement, is authorized by the Executive Director to possess a firearm on the property of the ACES, provided that the worker or any other person complies with the terms of this agreement. Computers, computer networks, electronic devices, Internet access and e-mail are effective and important technological resources. The Board of Education has installed computers, a computer network, including Internet access and an e-mail system, and can provide electronic devices that access the system, such as personal laptops, smartphones, I-Pads or other tablets, I-Phones, Android or other mobile or manual electronic devices to improve the district`s educational and business processes. Under these rules, computers, computer networks, electronic devices, internet access and the e-mail system are grouped under the name “computer systems.” The District provides individuals who are entitled to userRA entitled rights and benefits with an opinion on the rights, benefits or obligations of these individuals and the District.

This communication must be located when the district usually communicates to its employees. Aces attaches great importance to the provision of quality programs and services in its projects and orientation projects. To achieve and maintain this level, it is necessary to attract the highest quality staff possible and to ensure the development of these people. All school district staff are subject to ACES Board guidelines, current laws and staff contracts. The board`s policy is for the Executive Director to nominate the most qualified candidates for positions in public schools, subject to the provisions of an applicable collective agreement. The Executive Director or his external site manager is responsible for appointments to all positions within the Agency that do not require certification from the National Board of Education. Leave and leave is granted to workers, in accordance with collective agreements or in the ACES staff manual, for non-contract workers.

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