Business Representation Agreement Sample

Section 3.3 imposes a duty of good faith on the agent. There is no clause in the agreement prohibiting the agent from acting for the client`s competitors and, if necessary, additional wording could be added. This clause defines the start date and the initial duration. Any party has the right to terminate the contract with notice, first at the end of the first year, then with three months` notice or an agreed period between the parties. If the contract is not terminated, it continues year after year. Participation in the tender. Sometimes a foreign bidder must have a local party with him when he enters into a public contract in the country. The agreement may contain a clause to deal with this participation, although the details should in any event be clarified. This can be an incentive for the representative, as he can get a share of the contract if the offer is successful In many countries, a foreign company wishing to do business must have a local agent or partner. This clause relates to the client`s ability to prove that he has a local representative to make a qualified offer.

The representative has the right to refuse to appoint the agent, but if the terms cannot be agreed, the client is free to appoint someone else. This agency agreement is concluded from [Date] between [Sender.Company] with your head office under [Sender.Address] (the “Company”) and [Client.Company] with your head office under [Client.Address] (the agent) who both agree to be bound to this agreement. This agreement exists between a client from one country who wishes to appoint a representative in another country to introduce him into potential companies. The scope of the agreement is quite limited and is not intended as an agency agreement in its own right. On the contrary, the representative`s activity is mainly limited to the provision of tender information to the customer. However, the agreement provides that if things work out between the two parties, the local representative or even the client`s local partner can become. A company that wants a representative to look for tender opportunities in another country can use this representation agreement.

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