California Franchise Tax Board Installment Agreement

You may be able to skip your next staggered payment if: Can`t you pay your tax bill and want to receive a payment plan? You can ask for a missed tempe agreement. To change your current payment contract, call us at (800) 689-4776. If you request a staggered payment, an application fee of $34 will be added to your tax balance. If your application is accepted, you will receive a notification with your monthly payment date and amount. If you do not make this first payment within 30 days, you will terminate your temper contract and you will have to expect further recoveries from the FTB. This article is an accompanying piece of my latest article entitled Owe the IRS 50,000 or Less? Do you want a payment agreement? Try it yourself. In the IRS article, I wrote about the new “Fresh Start” initiative to enter into a phased payment agreement with the IRS if the taxpayer owed $50,000 or less. You don`t need a CPA or a lawyer to negotiate a payment agreement. You can do this yourself by calling an IRS tax number. Companies that are indebted to FTB can also make a staggered payment contract over the phone, but it is more complicated and more documents are needed. For more information, please visit the FTB website at Executive and Advocate Services MS A381 Franchise Tax Aboard PO Box 157 Rancho Cordova, CA 95741 If you are not entitled to a tempé catch-up contract, taxpayers may consider contacting a licensed tax professional with experience with the Tax Board franchise.

In particular, a licensed tax professional can check his financial situation, his tax situation and determine all available options. If approved, it will cost you $50 to set up a tempered contract (added to your balance). Check the status of your missed contract application. If you request a payment plan (contract to temper), your application can take up to 90 days to be processed. As a general rule, you have up to 3 to 5 years to pay off your balance. You may be eligible if the amount owed is less than $25,000, if the phased payment period does not exceed 60 months and if you have submitted all income tax returns.

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