Fvrd Collective Agreement

Since Thursday, collective agreements have been reached with 41 of the province`s 69 aid unions, according to Deborah Stewart, BCPSEA`s Director of Communications. The last time a contract was negotiated in 2014, the Abbotsford School District was the last district in the province to sign a contract with its supervisors. Teamsters Local 31 provided 72 hours` notice, but an agreement was reached within three days of the strike. Workers have been out of contract since June 30, when the old five-year collective agreement expired. The Teamsters are the only union representing support workers that did not address the province`s September 2018 framework agreement. The agreement presented a unique framework for which local unions and school districts could opt, such as a general wage increase of 2% per year, a three-year contract term and a commitment to workplace safety procedures. The special protocol of February 13, 2019 regarding the application of the Community Emergency Provident Fund (CEPF), managed by UBCM for the Fraser River Flood Risk Assessment, Mapping and Mitigation Planning project. . . . Teamsters represent district support officers, including office workers, bus drivers, education assistants, caregivers, caregivers and caregivers. That Fraser Valley Regional District Board directly order employees to apply for kronland property on land for the new Harrison Mills transfer station.

. . . . And that the Fraser Valley District Council will provide up to US$1.5 million for the project from the Hope and Area Recreation Centre reserves. That the Fraser Valley Regional District Board authorize the Board Chair, Board Vice Chair and Chief Administrative Officer to participate in the 2019 Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention, to be held September 23-27, 2019 in Vancouver, BC; And that the Recreation, Culture and Air Park Services Commission support the event specifically requested by the District of Hope for the use of 6th Avenue Park field, in order to allow campervans without night for the swimming encounter. “Educational assistants need full-time hours. They are professional people and they earn professional salaries. You are responsible for inclusion in our schools. Without it, it won`t work,” she said. It is not known whether Abbotsford schools will be open next month or whether they will be surrounded by picket lines.

. The facilitators` requests are not unreasonable, says Heidi Smit Vinois, a specialist educator with the district`s parent council. . Reference Point 5.1 of February 12, 2019 RACS Program. . That the Fraser Valley Regional Council approved the following appointments: . According to a school district budget report for the 2019-2020 budget, 1,276 students require special school assistance. That the following items on agenda 13.1.1 to 13.1.3 be approved: . .

. That the Fraser Valley Regional District Board order employees to apply for grants of up to $2 million to the Investments in Canada infrastructure program for the Geothermal Heat Recovery Project for the Hope and Area Recreation Centre; . . .

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