Race Car Sponsorship Agreement Template

Gather the story of your career or your racing team. Write down all the important facts, such as the riders` biographies and the team`s success rate. Take pictures of yourself, your team and your car. Closing Bosth has laid shots around the car, so the sponsor gets to know your face, and records of races. Consider the positioning of trophies around the car in some of the recordings — it`s a subtle reminder that you`re a successful racing driver. Look for the sponsor you want to contact. Learn more about the field of activity to get closer to the sponsor`s turnover – you want to be reasonably sure that the organization can afford what you ask for. Prepare yourself first for local businesses, as it is unlikely that unknown runners will be able to recruit major sponsors first. Make a list of all the running expenses you took during the previous season and list the entries. This figure represents what a sponsor would cover in an ideal situation, although you probably need more than one sponsorship to cover the total amount. Race cars are a very expensive hobby.

Requests for money include the car itself, parts, gas, assistants, a trailer and race fees. Sponsorships help cover these costs. A company or group sponsors a racing driver and provides financial support. In return, the runner gives the organization advertisements and extras, such as personal performances. Most serious sponsors want a return on investment, so it is of the utmost importance to write a detailed proposal for sponsorship of race cars. Be sure to direct each proposal to the potential sponsor. Generic sponsorship proposals are unlikely to convince potential benefactors. Organize the proposal into sections. First, give a story about yourself and your racing team. Work with the diagrams you`ve prepared to include all the important details. Limit the history to no more than two typical pages.

This provides an in-depth overview, but does not overshadow the meaning of the sponsorship proposal: obtaining funding. Explain the fees you have to pay as a racing driver in the second section. You don`t need to include all the costs. Instead, give an overview, for example.B. “The parts cost $X last year.” Enter an introductory letter to the person in charge of the organization. Tell in advance that you are looking for sponsors for your racing team and that the organization will find the attached proposal. Thank you to the letter reader for his time and include all your contact information.

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