Boeing Psaa Agreement

There are more than 26,000 applicable parts numbers, covered by product support agreements, which cover more than 100 OEMs in more than 250 repairers. Airinmar`s database contains parts numbers and specific conditions related to Airbus and Boeing TAT warranties. Airinmar`s repair management and tracking systems enable its customers to identify and enforce the terms of the Airbus and Boeing Turnaround Time agreements. Our entire company is organized in a way that responds flexibly and to the needs of our customers. We innovate in many ways: our leading technology solutions, our unique network of customer service centers” our product and maintenance training programs, our highly qualified and friendly sales and customer service staff, our ever-expanding product basket and frequent advertising programs. Our OEM parts kits are packaged at the customer`s request or to meet the requirements of the Service Bulletin. As part of our commitment, we are able to quickly manufacture selected and difficult-to-find parts. Our parts have the best warranty in business and are supported by more than 100 years of Boeing Innovation Thanks to our distribution network, we can facilitate logistics management. Our customers have the option to indicate distribution sites for parts deliveries.

This allows them to optimize transit time, minimize shipping costs and reduce the carbon footprint of parts delivery. If customers need parts or services, they can`t afford to wait for global shipping. That`s why Boeing operates the largest distribution network in the aviation industry for the distribution of spare parts, covering more than 500,000 types of parts. Our website and customer service centres have been designed to help our customers do business the way they want. In many cases, Airinmar is able to help its customers apply for warranty from Airbus and Boeing TAT after the fact. Provides customers with better access to Boeing`s excess parts to meet their spare parts requirements. Boeing`s global distribution network is a leading provider of supply logistics and logistics services solutions for the aerospace and defence industries. Boeing now manages the end-to-end process of its USM (Used Serviceable Materials) business.

Exemption Documentation and Direct Pay Permits Instructions As fast, it becomes more difficult to get parts on the market. Boeing no longer supports the production of aircraft and parts.

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