Project Management Agreement Sec

(a) When acquiring architectural, architectural, engineering, engineering, environmental, land survey, real estate development and construction services, the university must encourage companies that legally practice their profession to provide an annually performance statement and performance data. (d) in the event of a deadlock in negotiations, the university may terminate negotiations and enter into negotiations with the nearest qualified company, as stipulated in Section 10510.8 with respect to management services contracts. 4. This subdivision does not apply to a contract for services described in Section 10510.4, for a total cost of $100,000 or less, provided that the type of project for which the contract is awarded is determined by the University in an annual notice covered in paragraph 1, which provides the university`s needs for a total market price of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) or less. (e) “real estate development services,” services provided by a real estate developer in the development of a real estate project on land owned or controlled by the university, including, but not exclusively, environmental analysis, land use planning, land use planning, market viability and financial viability, as well as other ancillary services that a real estate developer may provide for the project; (a) The selection of university of California services for professional services in the areas of private architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, environment, land surveying, real estate development services or construction project management companies is made on the basis of proven skills and professional qualifications required to ensure the satisfactory performance of the required services; To implement this method of selection, the university applies procedures to ensure that these services are provided on the basis of proven skills and qualifications for the services to be provided and at fair and fair prices for the university. In addition, these procedures ensure maximum participation by small businesses, as defined by the Director General of General Services in accordance with Section 14837 of the Government Code. a) The University of California follows this section in the negotiation of royalties and the execution of a professional consulting contract of a private architectural, landscape architecture, engineering, ground survey, environment, real estate development or construction project management company. (3) For each proposed project, the university talks to no less than three companies about the expected concepts and the relative usefulness of alternative approaches to the provision of the necessary services.

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