Stamp Paper Value For High Sea Sale Agreement

Yes, it may be, and even there may be high-seas sales figures between the loading port at the unloading port by reading the nature of offshore sales, I guess it can only be done if it is an IMPORT FOB. SINCE IN CASE OF CIF IMPORTS PROPERTY IN GOODS PASS TO BUYER ONOY AT PORT OF LANDING, HENC HE HAS NO OWNERSHIP OF THE SHIPMENT FOR SELLING IT HIGH SEAS. Pls. CONFIRM this view! Ownership of the goods is transferred when the goods are passing through. The contract must be signed on stamp paper after the shipment of the original goods and before they arrive at the buyer`s destination. Hello. Do I have any questions about delivery on the high seas? I have orders to deliver bitumen to the high seas. What does that mean. In this case, we have to use 200 rs of buffer paper for the agreement. The same goods can be sold more than once on the high seas. There is no bar for resale for any number of times.

This is the only thing to do – the HSS agreement should give guidance on previous securities transfers. The customs office may ask the last buyer of the HSS to receive as such copies of the previous HSS agreements. This should inform you that the Sahar Customs Commissioner`s Office (Mumbai) has issued notification letter 11/2016-17 of 14.09.2016, in order to clarify that the “High Seas Sale” is a sale agreement between two private and non-customs companies – Central Excise Bond, as covered by the Maharash stamp Act 2015. HSS products are entitled to classification, customs duties and all reporting services that would apply to similar import goods at the time of normal sale. Very briefly narrated. it would be preferable if the conditions were met for sales on the high seas. we can charge taxes before shipping the ship for delivery on the high seas dg evening. You`ve received the answer. Can different countries get involved in selling on the high seas? In this regard, I would like to clarify that the sale on the high seas is only envisaged if the goods have not crossed the customs barrier of the country and before the customs clearance of the goods is transferred to the buyer and the buyer proceeds with the shipment of customs, whether or not the goods are in the sea air, as both parties will sign a sale agreement on the high seas and, on the basis of that purchaser, will be able to withdraw the shipment from the country`s customs. The format of the high seas sales agreement can be obtained on the Internet and must be filled in a stamp paper and a stamp paper. At one point, buy the buyers of HSS were after their arrival. Such a sale is not HSS.

The stamp paper on which the HSS agreement was executed must not bear the date of purchase of the stamp paper as the date of arrival of the postal load. Such a case can be easily recognized by customs as a post-arrival sale. The FCA value for calculating the fee is considered an HSS value. Please confirm whether the date of the sales contract may be at destination after the landing of the flight After the conclusion of the HSS contract, the B/L should be confirmed in favour of the new purchaser. With respect to air shipping, the seller should write to the airline/Consol Agent that an agreement has been reached with the buyer of HSS and that, therefore, the carrier document should be considered to be confirmed in favour of the HSS buyer and that the IGM should be submitted by the airline on behalf of the purchaser of HSS. Sale on the high seas (HSS) is a sale made by the recipient of the carrier document to another buyer, while the goods are still on the high seas or after their shipment from the port/airport of origin and before their arrival at the port/airport destination.

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