Missouri Contingency Fee Agreement

6. Every private lawyer contractually entrusted with the provision of services to the State on the basis of occasional fees shall, between the commencement of the contract and at least four years after the expiry or termination of the contract, keep detailed updated records, including documentation of all expenses, disbursements, fees, credits, receipts and underlying invoices and other financial transactions that ensure the provision of such lawyer services b This is what I have told you. The private lawyer shall keep detailed time records at the same time for lawyers and lawyers working on the case in stages not exceeding one tenth of an hour and shall make them immediately available to the Attorney General upon request. Any request for consultation and reproduction of these recordings under Chapter 610 shall be served and answered by the Attorney-General`s Office. 1. Identify all new contracts for success fees concluded during the year and all previously executed success fee contracts, which remain up to date for any part of the year, and describe for each contract: 7. No later than the first of February of each year, the Attorney General shall submit a report to the Speaker of the Senate and the Spokesperson of the House of Representatives, during which the use of possible fee contracts with private lawyers during the previous calendar year. The report must be at least: [7] Fee splitting is a single settlement of accounts to a client covering the fees of two or more lawyers who do not work in the same firm. Fee-splitting facilitates the association of more than one lawyer in a case where no one could serve the client alone and is most often used when the fees are conditional and the division is made between a referral lawyer and a trial specialist. Rule 4-1.5(e) allows lawyers to apportion fees either on the basis of the share of the services they provide or where each lawyer assumes responsibility for representation as a whole. In addition, the client must give his agreement to the association and the contract must be confirmed in writing. It does not require any disclosure from which each lawyer would receive to the client. Conditional fee agreements must be signed in writing by the client and comply with Rule 4-1.5(c).

The shared responsibility for representation implies the financial and ethical responsibility of representation, as if lawyers were bound in partnership. A lawyer should only refer a case to a lawyer who the outgoing lawyer reasonably believes is responsible for the case. See Rule 4-1.1. Missouri Rule of Professional Conduct 4-1.5 requires a written fee agreement in any honorary representations. The details needed in a fee agreement are defined by the circumstances. A lawyer is required to communicate with the client to the extent reasonably necessary to enable the client to make informed decisions about representation.. . .

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