Llp Agreement Malaysia

Dear Mr. Stingy, this is a good piece. Thank you very much. I registered my PLT at the end of 2015. I signed a partnership agreement, but it was not tendered to SSM or LHDN. It was not stamped. It shows the amount of wages and allowances to be paid to a partner. Is this agreement valid? Are salaries and allowances paid to partners considered authorized tax expenses or did I make a mistake in my tax return? I have my own taxes. What remedies, if any, can I do? In addition, I have to pay the same amount of wages/benefits each year to partners, even if business fluctuates, i.e. I can change the salaries paid from year to year? Thanx. I want to know if I don`t agree LLP. and my partners receive the basic salary so have to re-enter that salary into tax? If my partners return to personal tax, will they still have to pay that salary in his personal tax? Do you have to pay for double taxes? Examiner: [NAME] of [ADDRESS] or other reviewers who may be appointed in accordance with this agreement. I think you should change the agreement.

Contact my partner in for an offer on the LLP agreement. The parties irrevocably agree that The Malaysian courts have sole jurisdiction to settle disputes or claims arising from or related to this contract, its purpose or birth (including non-contractual disputes or claims). Good morning, sir. I would like to ask the following question: – 1) If an LLP company pays miles, z.B. 0.6/km for business travel, should this be stated in the business/partner contract? 2) Today, with the use of Touch-Go for parking and toll fees, there is no receipt issued, can the amount still be used? Thank you. Business: the profession, trade or activity of [NATURE OF BUSINESS] carried out by the LLP or any other transaction defined in accordance with this agreement. No, it is not mandatory. And unfortunately, no, I don`t have a draft agreement. 1. You can start with any percentage of partnership you like, whether it`s 50-50 or 70-30 or anything else. 2.C is possible, yes, but it is not necessarily that complicated.

In your agreement, you can simply specify the percentage that is moving forward. 3. I think it`s really up to the partners to decide. But it would be very strange if someone had managed to get into a company without putting capital. That`s just my opinion. If you had an LLP configuration in SSM and didn`t use it as expected, you don`t need to be pressed to get your tax file number within 90 days, you can submit it later.

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