What Is A Grid Connection Agreement

Important information about the main connection requested by the customer is customer contact information, basic information on connection and potential location, transformer and affiliate line information, detailed location and network information (sent by Fingrid to the customer), control and/or connection generation, turbine type and power, map location and project schedule. The transmission capacity of the transmission line and the regional safety of the main network must always be checked with the transmission system manager. The necessary network analyses are always done with the customer. Connectivity refers to the technical adequacy of the connection to the main network. To determine connectivity, technical characteristics and customer connection conditions are reviewed as early as possible in the project. Careful preparations ensure the technical feasibility of the link before the actual planning begins and before the acquisition of land. A new connection should not unreasonably weaken the usefulness of the main network and the connections of other customers. Depending on the connection location and the projects to be connected, there may be some restrictions to connectivity. The volume of energy to be connected also depends on the location of other projects in the same region. The connectivity and main capacity of the network are confirmed during the contractual phase.

More details about the self-determination of a connection point and self-authorization of design can be found in standard techniques that can be accessed via the Technical Information page. As part of self-connection processes, PKIps may sometimes request access to WPD substations during their work. This agreement allows ICP to lease innuendo keys from WPD. A copy of the EoC for Issue and Return of Keys for WPD Substation is available here. On request, Fingrid issues an opinion on a possible connection to the main network. A declaration may be made when the environmental impact assessments requested by the authorities have been completed and the land use process has been initiated or a decision has been made on the planning solution. As a network manager, the National Network Manager (NGESO) is required to subdivide the offers of parties wishing to connect to the national transmission network (NETS). The system login and usage code (CUSC) defines the usual terms and conditions between THE NGESO and NETS users. Users enter into a connection agreement as defined in the CUSC, which defines, among other things, all work work for the provision of the connection.

Fingrid collects a fixed fee for new connections to the main network. Fixed connection charges are calculated on the basis of the average costs incurred by Fingrid because of the connections corresponding to the voltage level concerned. Connection charges are adjusted annually based on the actual construction costs of the network. As a general rule, no connection agreement is required for national premises. However, we can sometimes use a connection agreement when there is a planned facility that can disrupt the network, for example. B when installing engines or welders. ICPs are responsible for carrying out their work safely, which means positively identifying the right cable before establishing a connection. PKI is not able to identify the signal injection on the WPD network. An EOC is available if PKI wants to ask the WPD to do this identification method on its behalf if necessary.

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