Yacht Finders International Purchase And Sale Agreement

Next Generation Yachting is proud to announce the sale of a Sea Ray 320 OB through the efforts of Alejandro Ochoas. The sale was a quick and efficient process that had to be here in Florida in less than 15 days. Check out Alejandro Ochoa for all your Sea Ray buying or selling needs, he is your expert and available to help at any time! We have a comprehensive consulting program and research tools available to our clients to find their yacht and at the same time give a clear overview of the entire buying process. Due to the current state of the Covid-19 virus in Broward County, Crewfinders` office is closed and does not provide for personal interviews. Crewfinder staff are still working and are happy to help you answer all your needs or questions by phone or email. We apologize for this inconvenience and will continue to ensure that the personnel requirements of owners, captains and crew are met. Thank you for continuing to work with Crewfinders. During the fall and winter season, our yachts return to the warm southern climates, which is usually South Florida and the Caribbean. The changes of yacht crew at this time of year always make a new position easier. Opportunities are usually plentiful when you think about going in a new direction or improving your work situation. Owners reap the rewards of some of the industry`s top talent in search of new challenges. The winter season on the east coast, brings cruises to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, usually with a few yards of periods in South Florida to prepare for the next charter season. In the Pacific, they move from Alaska and California to Baja and Mexico.

Crewfiners yacht crew has provided some of the best yachts on the water and is currently looking for a number of candidates with specialized talents. Let us know if you think you have extraordinary skills to offer. We are delighted to hear you speak. Our investments are always made remotely by phone and email with good success. In person, the meetings will continue at a later date. The average crew departure guidelines give an idea of the current salaries that are being paid. Our updated position page each week gives a snapshot of our current crew positions.

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