Credit Check Agreement Form

We assemble this model for homeowners like you who want to collect this information to make sure they choose the best tenant possible. As a landlord, you may need to seek permission to conduct background and credit checks with potential tenants. However, you do not always need to ask permission before performing these examinations. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you get permission to avoid liability issues. The text of this model will provide a valid (and necessary) language if a person is authorized to conduct a substantive review of the credit, but that language is not applicable unless each of the parties affected by this derogation is duly identified. This disclosure of identity takes place in the first statement. First, search for the empty area in the words “by my signature” and then enter the name of the person giving the authorization and release their right to privacy according to the language of that document. This part is referred to as “applicant.” To complete the form, the applicant must sign and date below. Once the form is complete, the recipient must sign the form.

Given the sensitive information sought, the recipient of the consent must write his signature by hand or choose to sign an electronic signature (. B for example DocuSign, HelloSign or Adobe Sign) electronically. For example, if you do your background check on RentPrep, you will receive the following information: Before a financier, lessor or party wishes to conduct a credit check with a person, it is necessary, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, that the person gives their consent before their credit is searched. By specifically informing the potential tenant of the information to which he is accessed, you protect yourself from a liability in principle. If you`re trying to select the best potential tenant while browsing the apps, there`s some information you want to collect to make sure you choose a reliable and responsible customer. In particular, you should conduct both a credit audit and a background review. While the list of information requested by the applicant may appear to be an oververkill, it offers other opportunities to search for datasets. While a Social Security number and a name may be sufficient to do some checks, other information may contribute to the development of a financial or criminal history, especially if the applicant has already used another name or alias.

There are several points on the customer`s name, so you can have multiple customers (for example. B a married couple) who provide all their information for credit checks with an authorization form. Accommodation – The owner or property administrator will let them know if they have been approved (use the letter of authorization). In the event of a refusal, the lessor is obliged to send a letter of refusal or any other form of notification in which he informs the tenant of the reasons for his refusal. While we understand that using forms can be complicated and laborious, the information you have as a licensed landlord can help you make a more informed decision about who is the best tenant who is renting your four property.

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