Tenancy Agreement Letter For Visa

You visitors must be able to show a real reason to come to the UK. You can make a letter of invitation for your visit available to your friend or family member. If you are a Level 4 student in the UK and your family or friends want to visit you, you must apply for a standard visitor visa. Your visitor must prove where he is in the UK. If you stay with you, specify it in your invitation letter and provide a copy of your rental agreement. If you are staying in a hotel, your visitor must justify this hotel reservation. Learn more about different categories of visiting visas. I am applying for a spouse visa for my wife, and I have a little question about the evidence that will be enough for me to prove my accommodation: – I live in my father`s house, he owns it and he pays his mortgage every month. My mom stays with me and him.

My wife and I intend to move there and we have permission to do so. – I have an annual tax bill from the Council with our address, the name of my mother and father. – Bank statements for the last 6 months, which show that our mortgages are on the account – I have an idea of the Halifax mortgage offer. the offer clearly indicates the offer, the address of the property, my father`s name and the address to which it was sent (Our existing address, since it was a reproduction of 09.04.08) You can help your visitor prepare for his standard visitor application by helping him make arrangements for the trip and by sending an invitation letter to your visitor. You can also help your visitors apply online and, if necessary, consult the study guidance service on their application. A rental agreement is a contract between you and an owner. If your visitor visa is refused, it is important to ask them to send you a copy of the rejection message and agree one-for-one with an advisor. The standard visitor visa category can also be used if you wish to visit Britain as an academic visitor or medical visitor. Learn more about standard visitor categories. The sponsor can also rent accommodation to a local authority or a private owner.

Where the applicant`s partner/sponsor has leased the property to the local authority, the applicant is required to provide evidence by the authority confirming the basis on which the applicant and the British sponsor will reside in the premises. However, in the case of private rent, the immigration officer is generally a little more cautious. Therefore, you can check the confirming documents with the lease, for example. B a letter from the landlord or real estate agency and proof of regular and full monthly payments. If the British property is mortgaged, the applicant must file a letter of mortgage credit, which must be originally issued by the mortgage lender. If you are sure that the form is correct, it can be sent. Applicants must pay online and book an appointment at their nearest embassy or visa application office in the UK to file the paper application, supporting documents and provide biometric data. Your visitor must show that he will leave the UK at the end of his stay by showing strong links with his country of origin.

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